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Water activities


There are various water activities, some can be arranged in combination with a tour also involving hiking or visiting Caves.


If there is not too strong current, it is possible to swim in a few ponds along the Sok River, either along the main trail west from the headquarters or in Khao Sok Village. People are often seen walking down to the Sok River in Khlong Sok Village. There are also a few swimming spots along the hike west to the waterfalls. It is also possible to swim in the lake at various Raft houses.

Bamboo rafting or  River Canoe


If there is enough water flowing in the river, it is possible to attend  Bamboo Rafting activities.In the mid/late dry seasons it may not be enough water for a smooth tubing/rafting.

Canoeing - Another popular water activity, only possible when there is enough waterflow in the river.


by Private Longtail Boat & Private Car with Local Guide

Price 3,000 THB per person
Tour duration  09.30  -12.00 

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